SLOT Buy-Back


If you’re hoping to get your hands on any of the latest phones from Apple, Samsung or Blackberry or any other Manufacturer , you’re probably considering our Buy-back service to upgrade your device.


Here are the simple steps to participate in the Buy-back process.

  1. Know Your Buy-back Value– Find out your estimated Buy-back value by visiting any participating SLOT Store.
  2. Back Up Your Data– You may already have your phone set up to automatically sync to an online service like iCloud or your Google account. You can never be too careful with data and it’s a good idea to make a manual backup of the data on your phone as well. You can create a backup using the tools provided by your phone’s manufacturer, such as Apple’s iTunesSamsung’s Kies, or the Windows Phone Desktop App.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU MUST LOG OUT YOUR CLOUD  OR GOOGLE ACCOUNT OTHERWISE PHONE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED


Step 1:- Customers walks into the store with his phone for buy back.

Step 2:- Matrix Rep assesses phone and informs customer of  value of phone

Step 3:-  If customer is ok with value, MBE gives customer a biodata form to complete and to sign an indemnity part confirming phone is not stolen

Step 4:- Once signature is appended, phone is showed to SLOT rep or manager for buyback verification and customer bank details are captured

Step 5:- Buy-Back and Purchase order is done on the  Matrix ERP details sent to finance to credit customer account instantly.

Step 6:- Customer confirms credit alert and continues shopping in Slot



  1. Customer must be over 18years
  2. Customer ID details card must match name on bank account
  3. Customer Must sign indemnity form against any cases of Stolen phones
  4. Customers picture may be taken in cases where ID card or proof of ownership is not satisfactory.


1 Slot Ola Ayeni Computer Village 1 ,ikeja
2 Slot Medical Road Ikeja
3 Slot ICM
4 Slot Owerri
5 Slot Saka Tinubu VI
6 Slot Warri