Corporate Sales


Why wait till salary hits your account.

Why wait to build up funds to live your dreams, when you can purchase our products/access our services with ease and convenience.


Let us introduce you to a trusted and reliable platform to live your style.

SLOT via its corporate sales department are within arm reach to provide you world class customer satisfaction.

Requirements: Call any of our sales representative (numbers provided below) for consultation in respect of product knowledge, price, availability, payment plan and request for corporate sales form.

Provide functional work email address for document exchange/interaction and conclusion of transaction within 24hours.


SALES REP CONTACT DETAILS  (Business Hours: 8am – 6pm)

Oluwatosin         Tel: 09062083705,  Email:

Emmanauel      Tel: 08171600738,09062083707 Email:

Wiliams Tel: 08109246895, 09053953973  Email:

Ibironke         Tel:  09062083708   Email:

Stella        Tel: 09053992175, 08077712845  Email:

Dairo        Tel: 08097177522, 08035616088  Email:

Ijeoma       Tel: 08030411228, 09062083765   Email: