LG Aud 4sn Soundbar
LG Aud 4sn Soundbar

LG Aud 4sn Soundbar

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LG Aud 4sn Soundbar Features

  1. Carbon woofer
  2. AI Sound Pro
  3. Wireless subwoofer
  4. Connectivity
  5. Bluetooth Streaming
  6. TV Sound Sync

LG Aud 4sn Soundbar

Enhance your audio experience with our advanced sound system featuring a carbon woofer, AI Sound Pro, and a wireless subwoofer for deep, rich bass. Enjoy versatile connectivity with Bluetooth streaming and perfect synchronization with TV Sound Sync. Get the best in sound quality and convenience for your home entertainment setup.

Carbon Woofer: Deep, Rich Audio Quality

Experience unparalleled sound with our carbon woofer, designed to deliver deep, rich bass and clear audio. The carbon construction ensures durability and superior sound performance, making every note and beat come to life.

AI Sound Pro: Intelligent Audio Optimization

Our AI Sound Pro technology automatically adjusts sound settings to provide the best listening experience. Whether you're watching a movie, playing games, or listening to music, AI Sound Pro ensures optimal audio quality tailored to your content.

Lr Aud 4sn Soundbar Ai Sound Pro: Intelligent Audio Optimization

Wireless Subwoofer: Immersive Bass Without the Clutter

Enjoy the freedom of a wireless subwoofer that delivers powerful, immersive bass. The wireless design eliminates cable clutter, allowing you to place the subwoofer anywhere in your room for the best sound experience.

Connectivity: Versatile and Convenient Options

Stay connected with a variety of connectivity options. Whether you prefer Bluetooth streaming or wired connections, our sound system offers versatile options to suit your needs. Easily connect your devices and enjoy high-quality sound without limitations.

Bluetooth Streaming: Seamless Wireless Audio

Lg Aud 4sn Soundbar

Stream your favorite music and media wirelessly with Bluetooth streaming. Enjoy high-quality audio from your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices without the need for cables, providing a convenient and flexible listening experience.

TV Sound Sync: Perfect Audio-Visual Synchronization

Achieve perfect synchronization between your TV and sound system with TV Sound Sync. This feature ensures that the audio matches the visuals seamlessly, providing an immersive and cohesive entertainment experience. Enjoy movies, shows, and games with perfectly synced sound.

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