Samsung 22" T35F Led Monitor
Samsung 22" T35F Led Monitor

Samsung 22" T35F Led Monitor

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Samsung Led Monitor

  • Full HD resolution for clear visuals.
  • Slim design, saving space.
  • Wide viewing angle for consistent image quality.
  • Flicker-free technology and Eye Saver Mode for reduced eye strain.
  • AMD FreeSync support for smoother gaming.
  • Adaptive Contrast Enhancement for optimized image quality.
  • Multiple connectivity options (HDMI, VGA).
  • Tilt functionality for adjustable viewing angles.



Samsung Led Monitor

Introducing the Samsung 22 T35F LED Monitor. It's a sleek and versatile display solution designed to enhance your viewing experience. Here are three of its standout features:

  1. Full HD Resolution: With its Full HD resolution, this monitor delivers crisp and detailed visuals, making it ideal for work tasks, multimedia entertainment, and gaming. Whether you're editing documents, watching videos, or playing games, you'll enjoy stunning clarity and sharpness.

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  2. Flicker-Free Technology and Eye Saver Mode: Samsung integrates flicker-free technology and Eye Saver Mode into this monitor to prioritize your comfort. By minimizing blue light emissions and eliminating screen flickering, these features reduce eye strain and fatigue, allowing for longer and more comfortable viewing sessions, especially during extended computer use.

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  3. AMD FreeSync Support: Gamers will appreciate the AMD FreeSync support, which synchronizes the monitor's refresh rate with the graphics card's frame rate, resulting in smoother gameplay with reduced tearing and stuttering. Whether you're exploring virtual worlds or engaging in fast-paced action, the Samsung T35F monitor provides an immersive and fluid gaming experience.

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